”THE NAMES” ny recension i The Big Takeover


In his [The Big Takeover] Issue 69 review of this Gothenburg, Sweden art rock ensemble’s lovely “Doran & Edith” single, Jack Rabid guessed that a change of direction might be afoot for their new album.

He was right: the six-song, 35-minute The Names all but jettisons their two previous LPs’ angular post-rock and noisy dissonance in favor of the single’s serene, gentle tones. Expansive, unhurried compositions such as “You Waved Your Hand” and the 9-1/2 minute closer “Cinécerity” build upon the single’s blueprint, offering up more of Davor Abazovic’s and Nilla Berko’s soft, angelic voices, pensive guitars, and Berko’s haunting, skin-crawling cello.

Only the sinister, driving “Pro-Semi,” a hard-rocking rework of 2011 EP The Necessary Links That Make Up, Part One’s more fuzz-bathed “Semi-Pro” breaks up the album’s deliberate pace. But it’s Brine’s newfound contemplative, quieter side that impresses the most.”

– Mark Suppanz, The Big Takeover (NYC) #Issue 70 (May 2012)